Privacy Policy

E*Gowns collects customer information to make your online shopping experience the very best on the Internet. We respect your privacy and we assure you that we will not sell or provide this information to any other parties.

Information collected from our Web server is anonymous. It allows us to see which areas of E*GOWNS are most popular. This helps us to improve the quality of your online shopping experience by recognizing and delivering more of the products and services you prefer.

When you order from E*GOWNS, we need your name, email address, shipping address and credit card number/expiration date. We use this data to process your order, ship it and send your order and shipping confirmations via email. We will not sell, rent, or give out this data to any other organization without your consent. (However, we will cooperate fully should a situation arise where we are required by law or requested by a law enforcement agency to provide information about a customer.)

Using Cookies
"Cookies" are files stored on your computer's hard drive by your browser. These cookies help us identify our account holders and optimize their shopping experience. They do not include any data that will identify you personally. They will, however, allow you to use some specialized E*GOWNS features. Cookies also allow us to hold selections in your shopping cart when you leave our site without checking out. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but allow you to disable them if you wish.

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